Lebanon, Missouri Restaurants

Restaurants in Lebanon Missouri

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
2540 Granite Ln
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-4227

Conveniently located just off of I-44, Dickey’s is known for having some of the best bbq you’ll ever find. Stop in today and see for yourself.


T’s Redneck Steakhouse
221 Evergreen Pkwy
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-3519

Come for the steak, stay for the moonshine! T’s has some of the best steak and sandwiches in Lebanon.


Dowd’s Catfish House
1760 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-1777

While Dowd’s is known for their delicious catfish, they also offer a full menu including everything from burgers to steak, meaning you’re sure to find something everyone will enjoy.


380 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-0808

If you’re tired of fast food but don’t like to cook or clean, visit Applebee’s for a step up from the burger joints! Also, they have a bar.


Faye’s Diner
691 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7338

If you’re into small, locally-run restaurants, and love exploring the unique small diners that are such a part of the area, this would be a good choice. Located on historic Route 66, take to Faye a bit about the area’s history, and leave with a full belly and mind.


Bamboo Gardens
760 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-2511

You won’t find any bamboo gardens here, but you will find a large, well-stocked buffet and a dessert bar sure to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-tooths.


Mazzios Italian Eatery
117 N Madison Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-2227

They make some of the best pizza in town, and their lunch buffet is worth the price. Stop by today and see for yourself.


Japanese Sushi House
747 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 991-3113

If you like sushi, and want to eat it in Lebanon, Missouri, here’s one of your only options. Thankfully, their food is tasty, so save yourself the trip to somewhere else and eat your sea-denizens(cooked or raw) here.


Bandana’s Bar-B-Q
1015 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 991-3044

They serve a variety of food, though they focus on BBQ. Try them for lunch one day; who knows, maybe you’ll want to eat dinner there, too.


Midway American Asian
912 Alexis Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-2820

Tired of Chinese food? Try some Asian food from Midway instead! Located close to the I-44 exit, Midway’s easy to reach and hard to forget.


Pizza Hut
1501 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-2239

You’ve heard about Pizza Hut your whole life; but ours is clean, and their pizza fresh! Plus, they offer more than pizza, and even have a buffet.


Chi Time Chinese Restaurant
630 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-8737

What time is it? Chi Time! While they don’t have a buffet, they do have delicious, authentic Asian food locals swear by and you’ll love, too.


Jay’s Family Dining
2031 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-2282

Jay’s is sure to have something the entire family will enjoy.


La Mexican Kitchen-Steakhouse
1679 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-5865

From steak to authentic Mexican cuisine, La Mexican Kitchen has what you need to fill that hole in your belly.


Elm Street Eatery
135 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-2700

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Elm St Eatery is sure to have something for everyone.


Daylight Donuts
775 S Monroe St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-6515

Fresh doughnuts baked daily. Stop in today, and see the Daylight difference.


Circle J Cafe
10290 Highway 64
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 533-5131
Wholesome family dining in the heart of Lebanon. Come for the BBQ, stay for the open microphone!


El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant
1801 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-0279
Delicious Mexican food and great atmosphere.


La Tolteta
150 Evergreen Pkwy
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-5300
Excellent Mexican food.


Senor Peppers
1100 Lynn St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-7893
Looking for another Mexican restaurant? You’ve found it. Stop in today and see for yourself.


Little Caesars
480 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-4786
Home of the $5 pizza. Little Caesars understands everybody needs affordable pizza, and does their best to provide them to the world.


Starbucks Coffee
550 N Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7724
Need more energy before or after school/work? Then let Starbucks give you the sugar and caffeine you need to make it through your day.


Taylor’s Dairy Joy
1205 E Route 66
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-3450
You want good food? They’ve got it. You want unusual flavors of milkshake, like marshmallow peanut butter? They’ve got that, too. Stop in today and discover your new favorite flavor.

Sand Spring Restaurant aka The Gravel Bar
1996 State Highway 64
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7291
You don’t have to be in town to find great restaurants. The Sand Spring Restaurant has great food and drinks, but also has beautiful views and easy access to accommodations. The next time you’re looking for something a little different, why not give Sand Spring Restaurant a try?


Waffle House
1924 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-3688
Do you like waffles? Then do I have the place for you! Even if you don’t like waffles (you monster), the Waffle House offers many other options sure to satisfy even the most discerning diner.


Godfather’s Pizza
1850 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-0111
I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse: eat at Godfather’s Pizza. Actually, you can refuse it, but I wouldn’t if I were you. After all, you’ll miss out on some great pizza!


El Charro Mexican Restaurant
699 S Monroe St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-0087
Looking for some quality, delicious Mexican food? Look no further. El Charro’s offers authentic Mexican cuisine that’ll remind you why you fell in love with enchiladas and rellenos in the first place.


Lunch Box Cafe
106 E Commercial St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-2044
Sure, they serve lunch, but they also serve breakfast, too.


Clifton’s West Side Cafe
452 W Commercial St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7742
Considered by some to have the best breakfast in town. Stop in today and see for yourself.


Cornerstone Subs & Pizza
399 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-3616
Cornerstone has amazing pizzas, subs, and calzones. Try one today, you’ll be glad you did.


Papa Murphy’s Take N Bake Pizza
535 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 991-2777
Love freshly-baked pizza, but hate having someone else cook it? Then let Papa Murhpy’s throw one together for you, and cook it yourself. As a bonus, you can tell people you made it yourself.


Taste Of Andy’s
1225 Millcreek Rd
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 533-5801
Did you know what you’ve been missing in life was a Taste of Andy’s? With both great food and service, why don’t you try a Taste of Andy’s today?


Captain D’s Seafood Kitchen
1731 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-3397
Do you enjoy fast food, but you’re tired of hamburgers and chicken? Then try some fish instead. As a bonus, they also have chicken!


Steak ‘n Shake
1160 Rye Ln
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-2795
Sure, steak is great, but without a milkshake, it’s just missing something. Steak ‘n Shake knows this, which is why they sell both. They also have teeny-tiny little french fries sure to make someone in your group say “awwwww!” when they see them.


Sonic Drive-In
849 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-6330
Sure, you can go to a fast-food restaurant and sit inside like some kind of barbarian, or you can park outside under one of Sonic’s stalls, and pretend you’re royalty, instead. The choice is yours.


Dairy Queen
780 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-3972
Most fast-food places just serve burgers and drinks. So does Dairy Queen, but they also have ice cream, popsicles, and frozen cakes. In other words, if you need something sweet and frozen, the Dairy Queen can help.


860 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-2992
Are you tired of circular burgers and “milkshakes”? Then try a square burger and a “frostie” instead! They also have pretty good chili, and a dollar menu with things like baked potatoes, side salads, and more.


Taco Bell
810 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-3068
The fast-food version of a Mexican restaurant. Unlike other such restaurants, they’re open to 1am most days, and as late as 3am on Saturdays, ensuring nothing stands between you and that deluxe steak-and-cheese crunchwrap you’ve been craving.


Swiss Inn-Drive In
356 N Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7625
Cheap, quick food and excellent shakes and ice cream. Stop in today and find your new favorite milkshake!


1819 W Elm St
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7827

1800 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-2814

748 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-2111
You already know they make sandwiches. But what you might not have known is they make sandwiches using magic. Or maybe it’s ranch dressing. Either way, pretty impressive.


850 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-6144
Most places don’t put “Mc” in the name of every menu item. Of course, most places don’t have locations across the globe, so they must be doing something right. They’ve got entrees for any time of day or night, and food for every budget.


Long John Silver’s
1087 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-5898
They serve the tastiest food you can find in the ocean. Except for the chicken, which they probably found somewhere else.


Burger King
1077 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-3900
The self-proclaimed kind of fast food, and possibly the Kaiser of Katsup. Burger King flame-broils all their beef, just to prove they mean business, and because it makes burgers taste amazing.


1300 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-9707
Hardees serves a full breakfast and lunch/dinner menu, and while their food is great, their biscuits are amazing. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


300 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-7300
KFC also has great biscuits, but they’re famous for their fried chicken. Not all KFC’s have a buffet, but Lebanon’s does. Stop by today, and remind yourself why the Colonel is the commander of chicken.


888 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-4437
Does a slow-roasted, thin-sliced beef sandwich sound good to you? What if we douse it with cheese? That’s what the geniuses at Arby’s asked, and America answered by buying huge numbers of roast-beef sandwiches doused in cheese. Now, you can too! And if roast-beef isn’t your thing, they also have burgers, chicken, and more traditional fare for the less adventurous or lactose-intolerant.


Domino’s Pizza
1816 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 588-7070
What’s the one thing every pizza needs? If you answered “garlic butter on the crust”, then you’ll love Dominoes. And if you order online, you can track the progress of your pizza as it’s being made, which is still more fulfilling than Facebook.


Madison Street Grill
201 W Commercial St Ste 1
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-0120
Do you like steak? Does the idea of a fat slab of cow grilled to perfection awaken your inner carnivore? Then let the Madison St Grill feed your beast, and maybe give it a drink or two.


Pierced Christian Book Store
639 S Washington Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-4446
Looking for something more than a meal? How about a Christian bookstore that serves pie and coffee? You can get a burger anywhere, but if you’re looking something fulfilling on more than just a dietary level, why not give them a shot?


Wehner Bakery
101 N Madison Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-4269
If you haven’t already tried their doughnuts or creamhorns, why are you depriving yourself? These folks have been making fantastic sweetened-treats for decades, and let’s hope they never stop. Just in case they do, stop in today and see for yourself why Wehner’s tastes better.


Starlite Lanes
1331 E Route 66
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-4262
Sure, you can eat at any restaurant. But how many restaurants let you bowl while you’re at it? Or play pool, air hockey, videgames, ect? Most don’t, but Starlite Lanes does!

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